7 Questions With Susan Naftulin of Rehab Financial Group

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7 Questions With Susan Naftulin of Rehab Financial Group

The 7 Questions With… interview series provides you with an internal glimpse in to the lives of numerous individuals active in the legal profession, however in completely different ways. Today we’re exited to welcome Susan Naftulin, co-founder and President of Rehab Financial Group.

Let’s get began!

1. What did you need to be whenever you were a child?

I certainly didn’t be prepared to be the owner of the mortgage loan provider. Becoming an adult within the sixties, I’d the typical girly aspirations to be an expert figure skater or perhaps a nurse!

2. That which was your initial job?

My initial job was being an assistant accountant inside a graveyard, crematory and columbarium during senior high school. My first publish college job was being an assistant buyer using the now defunct Abraham & Straus mall.

3. What have you think you’d do whenever you began school? How’s that which you do the same/different?

I figured I will be a litigator after i joined school. Throughout the 3 years, I recognized that I didn’t possess the appetite for litigation, and enjoyed the “Code” courses best, for example personal bankruptcy and tax. My first legal job was like a creditor’s legal rights affiliate for any large Philadelphia law practice. I initially likely to live there my entire career. Now, I’m now part owner and Chief Operating Officer of the small mortgage loan provider. I personally use generate income was educated to think in school and legal practice, but don’t practice law.

4. In 2 sentences, what’s your job about today?

My career today is all about operating a business, melding my company and legal training to effectively start, grow and run a mortgage loan company.

5. What’s an average day like for you personally?

I don’t possess a typical day. As my current clients are small, I put on many hats, from sales, to document preparation, to cash management, to blog writing, to visiting qualities, to personnel management, etc. Things I love about my present position is the fact that every day differs and presents new challenges and encounters.

6. What exactly are you presently studying?

I’m presently studying an accumulation of short tales by Alice Munro.

7. What’s one suggestion you’d provide your more youthful self or perhaps a person beginning their career?

Don’t place yourself in a box. Search for possibilities outdoors from the norm and listen when given an opportunity to make a move different. Never be afraid to consider a danger when you’re beginning out. It will likely be more difficult afterwards!

Thanks, Susan!

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Susan is co-founding father of Rehab Financial Group, LP and presently supports the title of President. Just before developing RFG, Susan has held several senior management positions within the mortgage industry, including General Counsel, Managing Attorney, Chief Operating Officer and Senior V . P . for independently and openly held mortgage brokers. In all these positions, Susan was accountable for multiple facets of the organization, including loan origination and documentation, licensing and regulatory compliance, servicing, default management, litigation management and human sources.

Susan also serves around the American Association of non-public Lenders Ethics Advisory Committee where she continuously upholds real estate industry’s values and supports professional conduct privately lending. Just before entering the mortgage industry, Susan would be a creditors’ legal rights attorney using the Philadelphia Law Practice of Fox Rothschild LLP. She acquired her law degree in the College of Pittsburgh and it has two Bachelor of Arts levels from Carnegie Mellon College, ever and yet another in secondary education. Susan resides in suburban Philadelphia together with her husband and 2 teenage sons.

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