Spotlight on Alabama: Florida Sales Tax Held To not Affect Tangible Personal Property

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Spotlight on Alabama: Florida Sales Tax Held To not Affect Tangible Personal Property

The problem of whether photographers, and particularly commercial photographers, must collect and remit Alabama florida sales tax on charges for his or her services and also the tangible property connected with individuals services, is a subject of debate in Alabama recently. On Friday, April 29, the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals unanimously affirmed the granting of the summary judgment in support of Omni Studio, LLC dismissing an exam of florida sales tax against the organization.

Omni Studio is really a full-service commercial advertising photography production studio that gives services to clients which are mainly marketing and advertising firms, even though it on some occasions labored for other business clients and barely for people.

Out of the box the situation along with other commercial photographers within the condition, Omni Studio considered itself something provider, not really a retail seller of photographs. Omni Studio therefore didn’t charge florida sales tax to the customers or file florida sales tax returns using the condition. The Department of Revenue audited Omni Studio for any six-year period. The typical three-year time limit didn’t apply because no returns have been filed. The litigation says other commercial photographers happen to be similarly audited through the Department of Revenue.

At both trial and appellate levels, the Department of Revenue trusted its rules and also the rulings of their Administrative Law Division (now known as the Alabama Tax Tribunal) to reason that since the services culminated within the delivery of photographs, charges for individuals services were taxed.

Omni Studio’s position was that it is clients searched for not just photographs however the listing of services that take part in producing images for commercial purposes, for example consultation and inventive planning, gathering the required sources and talent for any production, selecting locations, establishing lighting, processing and editing images. Omni Studio’s charges were payable whatever the number, size or nature of photographs created and whether or not photographs were created or used whatsoever.

Omni Studio trusted the judicial precedents (one poor a pr company and the other poor a portrait painter) which held that tangible personal property delivered incident towards the provision of services wasn’t susceptible to florida sales tax. The Department of Revenue searched for to limit the applicability of these an idea to “learned professions” and contended that photography wasn’t this type of profession.

A Legal Court of Civil Appeals agreed with Omni Studio, stating that it hadn’t been convinced through the Department of Revenue’s tries to distinguish the present precedent. The choice is really a obvious win for commercial photographers within the condition and perhaps other photographers too. The Department has fourteen days to request review through the Alabama Top Court.


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